Showergebnis Ishmael

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With Ishmael I have achieved in my opinion my breeding goal for Burmese Silvermane. I think, that he is not only beautiful, but also the best temperament, what you can expect from a. If you lift him, it is totally relaxed, pulls the paws and can be hung easily - like a ragdoll cat. I refer to the rats of this line also like to than "Ragdoll-Rats". Am 1. December 2019 I issued Ishmael at the show, the Nederlandse Vereniging Knaagdierenfokkers. Actually, I expected no good result, but our Ishmael 95 points achieved.

Detailed assessment:

  • f type + construction
  • zg tail
  • f tail
  • f head + eyes
  • zg ears
  • f hairiness
  • f uniform top coat
  • f condition

Our gin and tonic reached 94 Points also a very good result.

We also had the great fortune, to acquire a wonderful Black Variegated Blazed Bock from the line of the winner of the show. Thank you to Nadine Conrad for this great rat Men! Nathaniel also has a rating of 95 achieved points and we are now looking forward to his first offspring.

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