Note on terminology
Breed standard and breeding goal

In the German breeder rats scene there is a very unique perspective on the importance of breeding goals. These are found in

Most pet rats breeders have their own homepage, where they lay down their breeding founder and breeding objectives and explain the potential buyer. It is important in this "breeding goals" pay Attention to, that the formulated contents are not a mere copy of the breeding objectives other breeders in Germany and above all they must be transparent and verifiable when visiting the

This requirement suggests, that each breeder has set its own individual breeding goals, which should be clearly distinguishable as possible from the breeding objectives other breeders, so as not to be suspected, to have copied the breeding goals only.

This view is, in my opinion, fundamentally wrong and differs strikingly in the breeding of many other species from the understanding of the concept of the breeding goal from.

Many breed animals such as cats, The dog, horses, even when Siamese fighting fish breeding goals are not set by individual farmers on personal preference subjectively, but in the form of a race- or breed standards of breeding associations with respective bodies, where every breeder can get involved, uniformly defined. This prevents, that each breeder based on subjective preferences strong pulls from each different lines and guarantees, that all work in a given frame in the same direction. Of course, no matter how narrowly defined breed standard still leaves relatively free framework for their own priorities and allows some variability. On the whole, however, growers have to adhere to the defined standards in their organization and it is not only tolerated, but even desirable, when the breed standard of the breeding society are taken as a personal breeding goal.

Defined Wikipedia:

As a breed standard or breed standard is referred to in the breeding of pets and farm animals defined and laid down by breeding associations, characteristics of a race, which are aimed at breeding goal.Wikipedia

because I find on this conviction and defined there breed standards for breeding the color rat plausible and convincing, I consider myself basically only once to the breed standards of National Fancy Rat Society NFRS (Great Britain, oldest pure breed federation rats) and the American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association AFRMA (1983 founded). The breed standards of both associations are given below again because of their importance.

In my breeding I want improve.

Our breeding goals

  • Health

    Highest priority in my health. Health is a point, standing and many breeders at the top he should also definitely. Many breeders carry on at this point, that breed rats with low Tumorneigng or even tumor-free rats. After extensive research, but we become aware, the breeding of this goal can not be achieved satisfactorily even under laboratory conditions with extremely large rat strains. Here it is still too little is known about the heritability of an investment, to develop tumors. But health is more than tumor predisposition. We exclude all animals, malformations such as e.g.. Malocclusions show from breeding from. In addition, we, of course, not breed with animals, turn out to be particularly susceptible to disease.

  • Character & temperament

    In second place are for me character and temperament of the animals. I breed only with perfect character-free animals, showing himself to man and other rats to friendly and open. The animals may tend to under any circumstances, to bite humans. You should be curious and show a good exploratory behavior (low xenophobia). Overly aggressive animals I exclude the breeding of, as well as very timid animals. Females should have safe maternal instincts and take good care of their young.

  • Body & Appearance

    Regarding physique and appearance I stick to the standard of the National Fancy Rat Society (UK) and the American Rat and Mouse Association except for the size. In our breeding we would like to Dwarfs, the dwarf rat, focus. We therefore aim rather small body also with our carrier-girl-size, thus a dwarf boy can cover them. Our Dwarfs should weigh ca. 100 have g. Even with our Dwarf we aspire to the following: a long body and sporting, well arched loins, a long, but not pointed head, broad skull with enough space between the eyes and ears, performed well, long and straight Vibrissae, size, round eyes, widely spaced ears, upright and without wrinkles with round shape and good size, Tail with a thick base, finely tapering toward the tip, without kinks, the length of the body length should be equal to or slightly longer.

Our breeding lines

  • rat Organa, Topaz Dumbo Dwarf

    Ratte Wanda, Topaz Dumbo Dwarf

    Our Dwarf-Line is still in its infancy. Meanwhile, we have succeeded, Animals from three different lines (one of them from Canada) to bring together. We currently have animals in Topaz, Beige, Agouti, Black, Mink and Cinnamon. Furthermore, we have succeeded, to draw animals with Top Ear. Our next goal is, introgress more colors. We are also working on a Dwarf Line Marble and Silvermane.

  • rat Nirvana, Black Silvermane/D'argent

    rat Nirvana, Black Silvermane/D'argent

    In our Silvermane / D´Argent-Line we are working, To reach this wonderful Shade on as many colors. We currently have Manes Silver in Black, Russian Blue, Agouti, Mink, Topaz/Silver Fawn, Chocolate und Burmese.

international Rassestandards

The tame rat is according to the standard of K.L.N. approved. Above only certain elements of this standard are summarized. Please refer to the correct standard, Color name and information about minor and serious errors on the norm of K.L.N.
Standard which K.L.N., adopted by the N.K.V.

The general appearance should be pleasing to the eye, with good outline and inquisitive attention. The body should be long and somewhat racy in appearance, and show strong bone. The loin should be well arched.
AFRMA OFFICIAL RAT STANDARD, Adopted by the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association

The Rat shall be of good size, does long and racy type, bucks being of a bigger build, arched over the loin, firm fleshed with clean, long head, but not too pointed at the nose. The eyes shall be round, bold, clean and of good size. The ears shall be of good size, well formed and widely spaced. The tail shall be cylindrical and as long as the body, thick at the base, tapering to a fine point. The ears, feet and tail shall be covered with fine hair.
-Taken from NFRS Standards of Excellence-