Farbrate Whiteside, thanks to Ashley Eichler, Atlantis Rattery for this picture

Whiteside - the drawings of the rat

Kathrin Guttmann Knowledge, markings, Breeding & Genetic

According to Amy from the Camarattery in Colorado, USA, is it in Whiteside an already very old drawing, which was recognized in the early 1980s and standardized. However, the Whiteside allele lost and was long considered disappeared. Jennifer from theEmerald City Rattery then could animals with the Whiteside allele from a breeder in Arizona. Jennifer worked breeding along with Amy and initially both were not sure, what was hidden behind a locus of the drawing, which appeared in their litters. They crossed the animals in a Hooded-line and received "Hoddeds with panties", Jennifer called her. They posted pictures of Whitesides on Facebook, where they were eventually discovered by Connie Perez, who had written the standard for Whiteside many years ago. The exchange between the breeders revealed, that it probably actually is the original White allele. Meanwhile, the Whiteside enjoys in the US and Canada and more popular and there is also the first breeders in Europe, he knows z.B. the Raterie Lemon pie in France, has received the animals from Camrattery.

Currently it is believed, Whiteside that is relative to the wild-type recessive allele at a different genetic locus, which modifies the expression of alleles at the locus Hooded. Whitside can occur together with each drawing. Along with Irish it leads to animals, that look like Hoddeds with a self rump.

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Many thanks to Ashley Eichler of the Atlantis Rattery for permission, to be able to use their images.