mediation Process

Animals are not commodities
Even if it seems, I would "sell" here Animals, I do not see my animals as a commodity, but as a valuable life beings with needs and feelings of, the ecological niche with me - the house - share and a right to the best possible care in a reciprocal partnership with the people. If I call for my animals "prices", then it is on the one hand protection fees, but then also a possibility, to cover the costs of its relatives costs. Thus the operation costs of a tumor in an older animal, which unfortunately is not uncommon in rats, that. 80 - 100 EUR. The different prices for my animals arise simply on the principle of supply and demand. Of course taste all the animals in the rearing matter, but since it gefragtere and less demanded coat types, drawings, colors, etc.. gives, is it in the prices mixed costing, the guarantees, that my expenses are covered, on average,. So it is not about money Tailoring, if I take more of a long-haired animal as a shorthaired.
Since we are using a standardized system for online shops, to organize our inquiries and reservations, be below terms such as "cart", "Checkout" or similar uses. We do not want to make the impression, that our animals are things or prodcuts. We would also like to stress, that this is no online shopping, but the arrangement of a binding reservation of rats given up for adoption.. Nevertheless, simply due to the fact, that we conduct this reservation online, we forced to use certain terms in our contract- .
  • Non-binding Kontaktaufnahne

    Please contact me by e-mail or via the contact form on. I can understand, when the first e-mail possibly. is scarce - you told anyone, you do not know, not his whole life story.

  • inquiry - 1. step

    You can always ask animals or for babies of future litters, be a certain color or a certain skin type put on the waiting list. In the request form will be provided with pet rats also some questions about previous experience and asked for a picture of the cage. Fixed reservations I forgive usually then, when the little ones have opened the eyes. I reserve the right, however,, to take to extract the animals a reservation back then but to keep a rat for me, for example, then, if I still want to use in breeding. I reserve animals only in pairs (with the same sex), when they come into an existing herd, or. at least a trio, when they form a new pack. exception, if it is not possible because of the gender distribution or special circumstances, an animal with another to be made together. In males, I organize in meeting the costs and your risk also like early neutering prior to delivery at a highly competent vet

  • Binding reservation - 2. step

    When all issues have been resolved, You will receive for each animal, you want to make a binding reservation, access code. So you can make a binding reservation. Please note, that you can only make a reservation, if the conditions of our protection- agree and delivery contract. When booking a reservation fee of falls 20% the at nominal charge. The reservation fee is deducted from the nominal charge.

  • delivery

    Lugs are aged 32 Days separated from her mother and her sisters (since they can then be procreative) and then stay until 56. Day as a group with me. If all the lugs are taken together, allowed to take off even earlier the little ones may. Females may continue at least until the 56. stay day with her mother and her sisters (see the article "The importance of the game for the development of rats"). Harleys definitely stay until the end of moulting (that. 8.-10. week) with me, so that I have in mind, if this goes smoothly. The minimum weight at delivery is 100g. All my animals are tame when submitting, accustomed to normal household noises and know the dog and cat. They eat different kinds of food (grains, Panicles and ears, fruit, Gemüse u.v.m.) and are completely healthy. I repeat again, what I have written above: I give animals only in pairs from, when they come into an existing herd, or. at least a trio, when they form a new pack. exception, if it is not possible because of the gender distribution or special circumstances, an animal with another to be made together. All my animals are conveyed to a delivery contract. annotation: integration into an existing herd with animals, older than 12 weeks are, is only possible, when the little ones even a minimum 12 weeks of age. These are the beasts of the existing pack also younger than 12 weeks, can an earlier integration possible. Gladly advising you. beginners, just build a new pack, I recommend a pack of mixed ages. I will be happy to put together an appropriate group and make the reunion for you, so that everything goes smoothly in the new home.