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Topaz, Fawn, Argente - the colors of the Rat

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With the colors Topaz, Fawn and Argente may cause some confusion, because the color names from country to country (US and UK) may vary and the colors of different genotypes underlie. Die National Fancy Rat and Mouse Society (UK) called the color Topaz and describes it as follows: a whopping, golden fawn (engl. fawn = Rehkitz), which is uniformly interspersed with silver guard hairs. The color of the undercoat should be a pale blue-gray, that's enough for a skin. The stomach should be beige-silver. The back color should be run down evenly on the sides and clearly separated from the abdominal color. Every trace of soot or gray should be avoided. The eyes are dark ruby (Dark ruby) and should we be so dark possible. The description of the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association, who calls the color Fawn, derogate from clear. Here the color is as rich, Golden Orange described, which should be as dark as possible. The belly is slightly lighter and the eyes are dark ruby (Dark ruby). According to the AFRMA is at a Fawn an agouti with ruby ​​eyes.

The genetics of Topaz, Fawn & Argente Ratte

In Fawn / Topaz and Argente rats always are agoutis, d.h. there exists at least one compared to the non-agouti allele dominant agouti allele (A-). The agouti is now brightened by, that the rat homozgot for the red-eye Dilute (Red-eye dilution, R.E.D.) is. The gene code is therefore A- rr. In addition, conducted at the National Fancy Rat and Mouse Association, the combination with reinerbigem Chocolate as Topaz. It is also a combination with reinerbigem Mink or. American/Mock-Mink A- mm rr (or. A- love rr). The resulting color is called in the US as Argente (to distinguish it from D'Argente, what is the newer name for Silvermane).

Illustration: Topaz und Topaz Variegated

  • genotype
  • designation USA
  • designation U.K..
  • common in Germany Designation
  • A- B- M- rr
  • Fawn
  • Topaz
  • Topaz
  • A- bb M- rr
  • No official name
  • Topaz
  • Topaz
  • A- B- mm rr
  • Argente
  • No official name
  • Topaz

Illustration: Topaz Variegated Dumbo

The distinction between Topaz / Fawn and Argente is difficult. Often even claim, that the different genotype would produce no visible differences in phenotype. With some experience, but you can certainly between Topaz / Fawn without Mink (M-) and Argente with Mink (mm) distinguish. While the sub-hair at Topaz / Fawn without Mink (M-) should be blue gray, they are at Argente with Mink (mm) beige-white (please refer Australian rodent Fancies Society). In addition, the guard hairs at Topaz / Fawn without Mink are (M-) degree, while at Argente with Mink (mm) orange are (please refer Crescenityrattery).

1: Topaz / Argente, Gencode aa mm rr

2: Beige, Gencode aa M- rr

3: Topaz / Fawn, Gencode aa M- rr