Snowflake, Plot oder dots

Kathrin Guttmann Knowledge, markings, Breeding & Genetic

or at Snowflake or Stippel. Stipeltjes is a relatively rare drawing. Snowflake rats have dark belly small, white spots on, look, like as if snow on the rat. Optimally, also has the top of the rat as many "snowflakes" on. The first snowflakes were the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association zufolge in Helen Pembrooks Rattery "Viking Rat & Mouse Nest" in the year 2004 on. occurred in Europe 2008 in the breeding of Rene Bastiaans in the Netherlands also rats with Snowflake drawing on. Currently, these rats are in Simply Rats cultured, from where the cover picture. the genetics, the this drawing is based on, is not yet at all clear.