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Russian Cinnamon oder Dove Agouti - the colors of the Rat

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The color names and Russian Cinnamon Dove Agouti denote the same color, when he is basically Russian Blue Mink Agouti, since Cinnamon comes from Mink and Agouti and Dove on Russian Blue Mink and based.


The standard of the Russian Cinnamon or Dove Agouti color rat

The Amercian Fancy Rat and Mouse Association AFRMA performs the color under the name Russian Cinnamon as non-standardized and non-recognized color of the color Rat. The color of the body should be medium brown with a slate-colored hair base. The coat should be ticked evenly with blue outer coat, the belly is warm silver gray. Be the eye color with black or Dark Ruby. In National Fancy Rat Society NFRS the color is listed as Russian Dove Agouti in the standard. It should be a warm gray ticking on basic rehfarbenem, Heathering (the skin appears bright ticked) is allowed. The lower color should be gray to the skin, the feet must also be gray, the belly light gray. Only black eyes are allowed. In the German standard of color rat 1)Noack, J.S., & Flechsig, S. (2012). The German standard of color rat. Friedrich Born-Verlag this color is also referred to as Russian Dove Agouti and is described as cinnamonfarbenes Deckhhaar in Russian blue undercoat.


The genetics of Russian Cinnamon or Dove Agouti color rat

Russian Cinnamon or Where Agouti based on a combination of genetic alleles for Russian Blue or. graphite, Mink or. Mock Mink and Agouti. That compared with the wild type allele for the recessive trait Russian Blue (rb) or. graphite (gr) must be homozygous (So rbrb or. grgr) as well as the respect to the wild type allele for the recessive trait Mink (m, also mm) or. Mock Mink (you, also momo). The corresponding wild-type agouti (A), which is dominant over non-agouti, must be easy, the issues relating to the characteristic genotype can therefore Aa or AA (A written) his.

This results in the following possible genotypes for Russian Cinnamon or Where Agouti Fancy rats:

  • A- mm rbrb
  • A- mm grgr
  • A- momo rbrb
  • A- momo grgr

In addition to all the other dilution effect, of course, the color Russian Cinnamon or. Where Agouti out, so that Russian Cinnamon/Dove Agouti den Gencode A- B- mm or momo D- rbrb or grgr C- P- R- etc. must have, So there must be the dominant allele of the wild type for all other dilutions.

If known, should at Russian Cinnamon/Dove Agouti Farbratten always specify, whether it is Russian Blue or graphite and around Mink or Mock Mink.

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