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In Germany as a rat food a natural compound feed made from grain, crops, legumes, Vegetables and fruit probably the most widespread. This diet provides variety and employment for the rats, in case e.g.. must gnaw seeds from seed pods. However, this has "natural diet" (in English is this Darreichungform "natural diet" called) also significant disadvantages. For it is impossible to be ensured, that all rats also equally balanced use of the offer. We have put a lot of effort into the calculation of our own food mix. Overall, the feed mixture is perfectly tailored to the needs of the Rat. If, however, the rat just the greasy sunflower seeds out pecks, another turn snaps especially the sweet banana chips away and a third eats only the Mehlrwürmer, It is over with the balance for the individual rat. I noticed also, that each pack despise certain components, be stashed away quickly from the higher-ranked rats while others. In a pack e.g remained. always the dried carrots left, in another millet and a third carob sorted good from.

So you can not assume, by itself consider that rats eating a balanced diet and take, "what you need". A very good solution is pelleted feed, in the ground all the ingredients, are blended and then pressed into shape. Feed pellets have a very bad image and are often without a more detailed analysis of the ingredients simply as "rubbish" devalued. The Darreichungform course nothing about the quality of the ingredients and nutrient availability states. Unfortunately, however, it is actually so, that there are some very cheap pellet feed, whose ingredients have not convinced me. Mostly, these are for food, have the laboratories or animal breeding farms as a target group. Meanwhile, I have but can find some very good pelleted feed.

In the following I want to present different pellet food for rats - both the less recommended as well as the very good.

We feed our rats to time with Brit Council as main food, in addition there is our own food mix as a snack and employment, Moreover, I feed the animals in growth and pregnant and lactating mothers, a protein- and high-fat feed structure.

Brit Animals Rat

Brit Animals advice is in my opinion very quality, well-balanced food for pet rats, which is readily accepted at least by our animals. It contains farinaceous seeds (, e.g. due to. wheat), oily seeds (Leinsam), vegetables (carrots), fruit (apples and Berry) and animal protein (chicken meal). It is also enriched with brewer's yeast, has a positive effect on the fur. Yucca schidigera helps, to reduce the evolution of ammonia in the excrements. The protein content of 15% and fat content of 5% are ideal for feeding pet rats.

price: 1,5 kg for about. 10 €, corresponding to approximately. 6,67 €/kg

advertising text: Extruded super premium complete feed for rats.

composition: barley (25 %), wheat, More, dehydrated chicken meal, alfalfa, oats (7 %), dried apples, linseed, carrots, brewer's yeast, Mannan-Oligosaccharide (75 mg/kg), Fructo-Oligosaccharide (50 mg/kg), Extract of Yucca schidigera (45 mg/kg), Wild berry mix (Cranberrys, blueberries, raspberries, 40 mg/kg).

analytical components: crude protein 15,0 %, fat content 5,0 %, Crude fiber 4,5 %, Raw ash 4,0 %, humidity 10,0 %,Calcium 0,6 %, Phosphor 0,5 %, sodium 0,05 %.

nutrient composition: vitamin A 10.200 IE, Vitamin D3 1.250 IE, Vitamin E (α-Tocopherol) 70 mg, Vitamin C 80 mg, Vitamin K 0,1 mg, Vitamin B1 1 mg, Vitamin B2 2 mg, Vitamin B3 6 mg, Vitamin B5 3,5 mg, Vitamin B6 1 mg, Vitamin B9 0,12 mg, vitamin B12 0,02 mg, Biotin 1 mg, Cholinchlorid 200 mg, Zink 72 mg, Requirements 40 mg, Mangan 54 mg, copper 10 mg, Iodine 1,8 mg, Selen 0,21 mg. contains antioxidants. Omega-3: 0,01 %. Omega-6: 0,15 %.

Versele Laga Complete Rat & Mouse

Versele Laga Complete Rat & Mouse is also a very high-quality feed mixes. It contains farinaceous seeds (Grain), vegetables, fruit, oil-bearing seeds and animal protein. Yucca to curb the smell is also included. The protein content of 15% and fat content of 6% are perfectly. The only disadvantage compared to Brit Animals advice, that Versele Laga Complete advice & Mouse additionally contains dyes, could be dispensed with in my opinion,.

price: 2 kg for about. 15 €, corresponding to approximately. 7,50 €/kg

advertising text: Protein-rich all-in-one extrusions for rats and mice: Versele-Laga Complete Rat & Mouse takes away all worries from. The particularly tasty all-in-one pellets prevent selective feeding behavior. So your rat or mouse gets all the essential nutrients it needs, to stay fit as a fiddle. The food with chicken as a natural source of animal protein for energy and vitality has been specifically matched to the nutritional need of rats and mice. The optimal structure of the chunks provides extra teeth cleaning and prevents the formation of dental plaque. Versele-Laga Complete Rat & Mouse was developed by veterinarians, based on the latest scientific findings. All-in-one - no selective eating behavior possible, with chicken as animal protein, Grain & Linseed for a good reception & digestion, enriched with peas & Moosbeeren. includes inter alia. Yucca to reduce odors

composition: Grain (40%), vegetable by-products, vegetables (peas 10%), Meat and animal by-products (chicken 4%), fruit (Moosbeeren 4%), Oils and fats (salmon oil 1%), crops (linseed 2%), minerals (Montmorillonite-Ton 0,5%), yeast, Eggs and egg products, Fructo-Oligosaccharide (0,3%), Calendula, Yucca (125 mg/kg), rosemary, Green tea

analytical components: Protein 15,0%, fat content 6,0%, Crude fiber 4,0%, Raw ash 5,0%, Calcium 0,6%, Phosphor 0,4%

Additives / kg: Nutritional physiological additives: vitamin A 24000 IE, Vitamin D3 1500 IE, Vitamin E 300 mg, Vitamin C 50 mg, E1 (Requirements) 160 mg, 3b202 (iodine) 2,5 mg, E4 (copper) 6 mg, 3b502 (Mangan) 50 mg, 3b605 (Zink) 86 mg, 3b607 (Zink) 10 mg, E8 (Selen) 0,2 mg, technological additives: antioxidants: Tocopherole, sensory additives: dyes

Supreme Science Selective Complete Rat and Mouse Food

In the composition of Supreme Science Selective Rat and Mouse Complete food is not so rich we the Brit or Versele Laga Complete. It lacks oil-containing seeds, Oils and fats are separately added thereto, Moreover, no vegetables included. A major drawback in my opinion, that the recipe, contains no animal protein sources contain, but only vegetarian protein extract.

price: 1,5 kg for about. 10 EUR, corresponding to approximately. 6,67 €/kg

advertising text: Whole pellet food for rats with apple and blackcurrant, unique vegetarian recipe, yet with all the necessary nutrients, no added sugar. Science Selective is a pressed complete food made specifically, to the problem of selective feeding counter. Making it perfect for picky eaters or rats in convalescence. The rat feed was composed of a mixture of high quality ingredients and herbs, a ernährungsphychiologisch complete and balanced nutrition to offer. characteristics: Unique vegetarian recipe - but with all the necessary nutrients, promotes dental hygiene, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, cholesterol for healthy heart- and vascular functions, avoid eating selektierendes, supports the intestinal flora for maintaining a healthy digestive tract, very tasty, no added sugar, no color additives.

composition: Grain, vegetarischer Proteinextrakt, fruit (apples 2,5%, Blackcurrant 2,5%), Oils and fats, minerals, DL-Methionin, L-Lysin, salt, contains EC permitted preservatives.

additives: vitamin A 10.000 I.E./kg, Vitamin D³ 1.000 I.E./kg, Vitamin E 50 mg/kg (alpha-Tocopherolacetat), Calcium 0,6%, Phosphor 0,4%, copper 10 mg/kg (copper sulphate).

analytical components: crude protein 14,0 %, Crude fiber 4,0 %, Crude oils and fats 4,0 %, Raw ash 5,0 %, Calcium 0,6 %, Phosphor 0,4 %


In altromin is a pronounced laboratory chow. The analytical components are perfectly matched to the needs of pet rats, However, the ingredients are not as plentiful as in the previously mentioned products. Basis is exclusively cereals and fish- and meat and bone meal as a protein source is explicitly waived. So I think altromin for hobby keeping of pet rats not particularly well suited.

advertising text: The 1310 formulation is a fixed formula based on cereals (Soy, wheat, More), free of alfalfa, fish- and bone meal and nitrosaminarm is. This breed diet is a complete feed for feeding ad libitum, recommended for Adult rats / mice in breeding and young rats / mice up to the age of 8 weeks.

analytical components: Protein 15,0%, fat content 6,0%, Crude fiber 4,0%, Raw ash 5,0%, Calcium 0,6%, Phosphor 0,4%

advertising text: The 1320 formulation is a fixed formula based on cereals (Soy, wheat, More), free of alfalfa, fish- and bone meal and nitrosaminarm is. This attitude diet is a complete feed, recommended for Rats / mice from the age of 8 weeks

analytical components: Protein 22,5%, fat content 5,1%, Crude fiber 4,5%, Raw ash 6,1%

Höveler experimental animal feed

The Höveler test animal feed is by far the most cost-effective feed, what is listed here. The composition can be in my opinion to be desired, as the feed for the most part from wheat and soybeans is. fruit, Vegetables and oleaginous seeds completely absent, it will also given no oil. Therefore, the fat content is only 2,7%, which I think is too low for pet rats. I would advise against this feed.

price: 25 kg for about. 25 €, corresponds to approx. 1 €/kg

composition: wheat, Sojaextr.-shotgun, More, wheat bran, Linen cake, Sugar beet molasses, Brewer's yeast / wheat bran, Monocalciumphosphat, Calciumcarb., sodium chloride

analytical components: crude protein 22% Rohfett 2,7% Crude fiber 3,9% Raw ash 7% additives / kg Phosphor 0,7% Calcium 1,1% sodium 0,3% Kupfer 10mg Vitamin A 15.000IE Vitamin D3 1.875IE Vitamin E 100mg

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