Development of the Rat Day 11

Rat litters for next time

Kathrin Guttmann Blog

I have now made a few thoughts, which throws I would like to start the summer. So here comes my litters.

Moon & Jim

This is now already the third litter of Luna. In the two times before that she has not received. Actually, I had thought, that was the first time the little deck lazy Joe to blame, but after Joe has now made successful with Skilla a litter and not covering lazy Teejay Luna got also not supporting, I think now, either that it is up to it or that it was just bad luck. This time I selected Jim, who has already made Lilly a really great throw. I hope, that with Luna, the yes Lilly's sister, as good works. Color I expect again a colorful throw: Black, Agouti, Cinnamon, tOpZ, Buff - anything is possible. the two were on Sets 17. is expected in May and a possible throw from 7. June.

Lilly & Jack

Tomorrow the guys are deducted, because it's almost time, to think about the next throw of Lilly thoughts. now she only gets even two months off, to recover from the Jungenaufzucht (which makes them neither stressed nor gaunt impression) and must then Jack, the brother of Jim. After mating with Jim so spawned great offspring - some even passable Harleys - would now try the combination again. I hope, I can then make some interesting Halbgeschwisterverpaarungen, to consolidate the improvement of Virbrissen. On the subject of inbreeding there is the way in Roden Info a great article.

Amaunet & Jack

Amaunet is thriving. One may well wonder, of course,, why I keep just a boring black girl from such a colorful throw. Although I must admit: She's not quite black, but has four sweet white socks and a tiny white spot on his stomach. My first choice would have been a Harley Bitch, I would have also had with Abigail. Unfortunately, Abigail Virbrissen have become not as good as their brothers, so I decided against it. In Amaunet now I do not know, of course,, like you "Vibrissen-Potential" is, but I want to try it. was Amaunet from the moment, from which I could identify them (also ca. from the third day) always the most developed and heaviest in the litter. She has a great personality, is very curious and always gone forward before the other. It's like the entire litter very people oriented. Amaunet bears definitely Mink, Jack brings Agouti and R.E.D. With, it could also contribute as his brother Jim Mink. What else is so hidden in it, I do not know. It can happen, that there is a "boring" black litter is, or we have a colorful get back motley crew. It will be interesting.