Rat cerebral emergency in NRW

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Today I want to share a post emergency rats Rhein-Ruhr. Please help e.g. donations. If you are looking for new noses, then considered but once, whether it possibly. Noses may be out of this emergency. I know, it is not just around the corner, but the scale is truly immense ....

! ️ ***** Our New Emergency *****! ️

It all began with Marie. Marie is a small rat girl, which found their way to us, as the owners have accidentally brought two sexes, and Marie was highly prone.
The small nose got that same night her puppies and a bad uterine prolapse. After subsequent life-saving surgery, she was however no longer worrying able to her puppies. Therefore, as soon as possible a nurse was needed.. and while Kirsten for the lives of 14 fought puppies she turned in desperation to those very people who had sold Marie. To date, we have assumed, We are dealing with a classic multiplier. But there should be anything other.
Arrived there, asked to get a picture of chaos. There was a bird room, according to, dirty, uncomfortable and overcrowded. In addition to the countless birds found in it three large stacked plastic boxes, teeming with rats before the only way. but the owner of the whole was not an indiscriminate propagators, but an Animal Hoarder. He told us, he had then begun with three rats, and then the whole thing would escalate. because rats "would always proliferate anyway". As the number of animals, grew it all so over the head, that he was not even able, to separate the animals properly. All attempts in turn the animals 'get rid' failed, only occasionally succeeded animals to snake owners or lovers to share. He completely lost track of the number and gender of the animals living there. but told himself himself, to have the whole thing under control, boast and optimum posture. All we saw, were dirty and overcrowded plastic boxes full of tiny puppies, nachgedeckten Mamas and Lugs, Animal-feed and filthy houses ... a sight that was for us hard to bear ... and then this man said almost desperately the deciding set. " I do not want rats more, most like it would if you mitnehmt me all." He told us about his financially limited possibilities, and that he had trouble to supply at all the animals, a vet visit would certainly not only feasible. He seemed honest, guiltily and sincere. There was nothing in his words be translated. This man, the truly not the brightest was, asked us for support.
left that evening 3 Mamas and 24 Puppies apartment. 2 Mamas and 20 Puppies are housed in another helper. We then deliberated half the night in a big team far beyond the emergency rats Rhein-Ruhr addition. We could end the suffering of these animals, and so not only the animals, but also its owner help. Yesterday we drove back to Solingen, and returned home with 15 the goat, 15 nachgedeckten part already perfectly round and females 50 little puppy.. This emergency will require us some and accompany many months, because we neither of the females can spray, because only a few to the enormous mass of pups suckling, and the rest is already about to give birth.

It all began with Marie ... And ended with over 100 little hearts, we will now give a life worth living.

We are grateful for any help, for each gram feed, for each cabin, and for every cent of us helps the vet bills to carry this major emergency.

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