Havana - the colors of the Rat

Kathrin Guttmann Colors, Knowledge, Breeding & Genetic

In Havana is or is no longer truly standardized version of Mink. Mock Mink. The color of the skin of a Havana rat is a medium brown-gray and corresponds to a (mock-)minkfarbenen Ratte. However, the eyes at a Havana Dark Ruby or. Ruby, the rat but not homozygous for Red Eye Dilute (R.E.D.) may be, because then the coat color would be diluted to buff and have a pale cream. the red shade of the eye is caused by, that the animals concerned are heterozygous for R.E.D, thus have the genetic code Rr on the locus R.E.D..

Are genetically Havana therefore homozygous for non-agouti and Mink or. Mock Mink and heterozygous for R.E.D., So the genetic code is aa mm or Rr. roots run Rr.

In addition to all the other dilution to the color Havana acting course from, so that the genetic code Havana aa B- mm D- RB M- C- P- rr etc. must have, So there must be the dominant allele of the wild type for all other dilutions.

the NFRS (National Fancy Rat Society, UK) and the AFRMA (American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association, USA) define the Havana something different from the usual form in Germany. Here is expressed as genetic basis, that the rat not only homozygous or for non-agouti and Mink. Mock Mink and heterozygous for R.E.D. have to be, but also heterozygous for the encoded on the B-locus gene Chocolate. Here, the genetic code is so aa Bb mm Rr, or. detail aa Bb mm D- RB M- C- P- rr etc. When there is no AFRMA, in the NFRS only a provisional standard for Havana ago. Geforder is a warm, vigorous Brown, the eyes have a medium ruby ​​and haromieren with the fur.