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You are interested in Colors, Fell variant, Shades (shades), body variants and drawings the color rat?

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Here you can find descriptions and background information on different variants of the rat as well as information on genetic background and heredity. We offer a comprehensive introduction to the Genetics of color rat.


From A for Agouti over D as Dumbo rat and S as Spotted Tabby to Z like cinnamon - and we continually add more information about pet rats Genetics.

Fancy rats is available in a wide variety of Colors, damages (shades), drawings, Fur- and buying shape. behind a "gray" Rat much can be hidden. An examination of the Genetics of color rat is essential for the breeder, but also for the interested lovers can take a look at the genetic backgrounds the different variants of color rat be very exciting. For this reason we have made it our mission, at this point a comprehensive overview of the Colors, damages (shades), drawings, Fur- and buying shape the color rat as well as the underlying Pet rats Genetics to give. We want the individual phenotypes and their underlying Genetics of color rat imagine. In addition, you will also find general items to Genetic and heredity in the color rat. We also go to the various breeding standards of colors, damages (shades), drawings, Fur- and body forms a, provided that they are present and give in some variants, we also provide an insight into the historical development.

We hope you enjoy browsing in the many variants and new insights into the Genetic our pets, the Fancy rats.

Pet rats Genetics - Variants of the rat

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