Dove - the colors of the Rat

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Where bzw. Russian Dove, as it is called in the US and the UK, is a combination of Mink (or Mock Mink) und Russian Blue (or Graphite). The somewhat reminiscent of the color of a collared dove.

From Iruka at the English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, = 6002012

The American Fancy Rat and Mouse Society, according to the color Dove be a warm taupe with a slight ticking, as well as at Russian Blue can be observed. The eye color is black. The National Fancy Rat and Mouse Society describes the color Dove as a warm cream-gray, which appears slightly mottled. This is not an error. The color should be uniform and the belly color should match the color back. The undercoat is light gray to the skin.

Dove is a combination of the features Russian Blue (or Graphite) and Mink (or Mock Mink). Since both features are recessive, they must homozygous (reinerbig) be present, so that the color Dove is pronounced.

The locus for Russian Blue is in German with rb (for Russian Blue) or. Rb (for non-Russian-Blue / Wild form) abbreviated. Confusing manner, or the same locus in the English-speaking world with d. D abbreviated, which in turn in Germany for English Blue / English blue is used. It is therefore advisable, asking exactly in doubt again, what kind is meant by Blue. Graphite is usually with gr (for Graphite) or. Gr (for non-Graphite / Wild form) abbreviated.

Also needs a Dove Color rat homozygous (reinerbig) be for the recessive trait Mink (or Mock Mink). The locus for Mink is with m (for Mink) or. M (for non-Mink / Wild form) abbreviated. Mock Mink is usually with mo (for Mock Mink) or. you (for non-mock-Mink / Wild form) abbreviated.

Furthermore, should a Dove-Color Rat be homozygous for the recessive non-agouti allele a. Is a dominant agouti allele A before, arises Dove Agouti.

Since all other dilutions on the color Dove would impact, must for all remaining samples at least be a dominant allele of the wild type. So a Dove rat has the genetic code aa rbrb or grgr B- mm or momo D- M- C- P- R- etc. respectively.

Thank you for the picture of a Dove color rat on Nisija's Rat Pack and Martha!