Coffee / Correction - the colors of the Rat

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The color of coffee rats reminiscent of a latte. Thus coffee joins the ranks delicious color names such as Chocolate (Chocolate), cinnamon (Cinnamon), Scene (Cream) and champagne (Champagne) on.


Photo by from Pexels

Die National Fancy Rat Society (NFRS) describes Coffee as follows: a rich, creamy caramel from the Haarpsitze to the skin. The color should be as uniform as possible and no gray haze, have white hair or patches. The color of the feet should match the color of the top. Also the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Society (AFRMA) leads among non-recognized colors Coffee on. The color is something described here unlike the NFRS. The color should be a pale gray-brown and Coffee remember colored mice, However, be a little brighter. The eye color is black. The AFRMA expects, that it is a different color than the acts described by the NFRS Coffee.

Coffee (by NFRS) is a combination of the features Chocolate and Mink (or Mock Mink). Since both features are recessive, they must homozygous (reinerbig) be present, so that the color Coffee is pronounced.

The locus for Chocolate is the German with b (for Chcolate) or. B (for non-Choco Old / Wild form) abbreviated.

Also needs a Coffee Color rat homozygous (reinerbig) be for the recessive trait Mink (or Mock Mink). The locus for Mink is with m (for Mink) or. M (for non-Mink / Wild form) abbreviated. Mock Mink is usually with mo (for Mock Mink) or. you (for non-mock-Mink / Wild form) abbreviated.

Furthermore, should a Coffee-Color Rat be homozygous for the recessive non-agouti allele a. Is a dominant agouti allele A before, produced coffee Agouti.

Since all other dilutions on the color Coffee would impact, must for all remaining samples at least be a dominant allele of the wild type. A Coffee So rat has the genetic code aa Rb- bb mm or momo D- M- C- P- R- etc. respectively.

Thank you for the picture of Martha Menzi!