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Cinnamon - the colors of the Rat

Kathrin Guttmann Colors, Knowledge, Breeding & Genetic

At Cinnamon is a Mink Agouti color rat. The color is reminiscent of cinnamon, from where the name originates (Cinnamon: English cinnamon)

Cinnamon bark in rods- and powder form (Those: Pexels)

The breeding of Cinnamon is closely associated with the breeding of minkfarbenen Ratten, thieves already 1905 started. The first Cinnamons were introduced in the 1920s as a fawn agouti and the color was 1935 standardized. However, the designation Cinnamon solved only 1976 the name Fawn Agouti in NFRS from. In the US, the first Cinnamons on Mock Mink base were on 25. March 1979 born in Karen Hauser Rattery and were named Cinnamon and Spice.

Cinnamon cub on 16. Tag
The same young on 20. Tag
Young aged 26 meet.
As with adult animal 3 months

The standard of Cinnamon Rat

Die National Fancy Rat Society (NFRS) describes Cinnamon as "warm russet, evenly with chocolate-colored guard hairs. The base is medium gray. The belly should have a slightly lighter color than an agouti. The color of the feet is to match the body color, The eyes are black.

Die American FAny Rat and Mice Society (AFRMA) also writes in her standard a warm russet with slate gray base from, the ticking to be evenly-chocolate. Again, a belly is required, which is slightly lighter than a Agouti.

In the German standard of color rat Cinnamon is described as more orange shade of brown with scattered black hair.

The genetics of Cinnamon rat

Cinnamon rats are minkfarbene basically agoutis. The lying on the Mink locus, compared to the non-Mink allele recessive allele Mink must be in a homozygous form, what the genetic code mm entspricht.Zudem the animal must be an agouti, d.h. there exists at least one compared to the non-agouti allele dominant agouti allele (A-). This results in the genetic code A- mm for rats cinnamonfarbene. Of course, no further dilutions may be so, that they would mint phenotypically, would otherwise occur mixed colors with Mink. That means, Cinnamon that the genetic code A- B- M- D- Rb mm C- P- R- etc. must have, So there must be the dominant allele of the wild type for all other dilutions. On the side of AFRMA Sue reported Fold, Sue Foulds, Serendipity Stud, N.F.R.S., England, that the genetic code A- bb M- D- Rb mm C- P- R- etc. , So the simultaneous presence of the homozygous Chocolate allele, would lead to attractive Cinnamons. At the same time she does not recommend, the animals heterozygous for Red Eye Dilute (Rr) to draw, since then the cinnamon to reddish fails.