Rat Babies B-litter day 17 Beauty

When rats lick wounds ...

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If pet rats have wounds, is said often by veterinarians, that you should avoid, lick the animals from their wounds. Allegedly leaking to delay wound healing. It is exactly ...

Our new handouts for Houten

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We have new handouts on the subject of color rat for the exhibition in Houten on 1.12.2019 created. In English:

Gin Tonic, Triple Dilute

Silver Fawn and Amber pet rats

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In Silver Fawn is agoutis with Pink Eye Dilute feature. Silver Fawn orange pet rats appear, wherein the top coat is not dyed uniformly, but banded, as is typical for agouti animals. ...

Rats D-throw Durga 29.97.17

Are rats right-handed?

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It is estimated that approximately. 90% his right-handed people 1)Scharoun, Sara M.; Bryden, Pamela J. (2014). "Hand preference, performance abilities, and hand selection in children". Frontiers in Psychology. 5 (82) ...

Treatment of bite wounds in pet rats

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Wound treatment in rats is an issue, became the already very much written. Many researchers have focused on the topic, which is mainly because, that the color rat as an animal model ...

Infectious diseases in rats

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Charles River provides on its website to an excellent resource with information on infectious diseases in rats. In the Technical Sheets dissemination are, Symptoms and diagnoses summarized. Alle Technical Sheets ...

Rat too thin? Tips for coddling

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When the segments of the spine protruding at a rat, it has only a thin layer of muscle over the pelvis, Beck peaks are visible and they have little subcutaneous fat on the ...

Rats have fun at the game of hide

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Rats holders know it all along: Pet rats have a lot of fun to play it and to interact with their people. It has been known for, that rats are kitzelig, "laugh" if the ...

Rat squeak decrypted

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Rats are social creatures and "to chat" very much, but most ihrers chatter finds him rather than a frequency, which is above the, which can detect a human ear. scientists ...