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Buff and beige - the colors of the Rat

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The colors buff and beige can create some confusion, since both the names and the underlying genetics in different countries use different. What in the US e.g.. called Beige, is the UK Buff.

The National Fancy Rat Society Buff describes as a warm magnolia color without gray tinge (here is the problem, that there are magnolias in different colors, please refer Wikipedia). The color of the abdomen should match the color of the back and the eyes are dark ruby (Dark ruby). Beige is not standardized in the NFRS. The American Fancy Rat and Mouse Society however, describes Beige and not Buff. Beige should therefore warm, greyish Lohfarbe (Tan) his, which should not be too dark. The eyes are also dark ruby (Dark ruby).

Illustration: Buff (aa mm rr) Harley Young

The genetics of buff or beige rat

Behind the color name buff and beige to different genotypes can hide.

Basically it is or in Buff. always attached to animals, are homozygous for the rezssive non-agouti allele or. for black. Added to this is always, that the recessive allele for red-eye dilution (Red Eye Dilute, R.E.D.) also present reinerbig. This dilution allele ensures, that the really dark color of the animals is brightened to a beige. yet now comes the Mink allele or the chocolate allele homozygous added, the animals are a little brighter and usually referred to in Germany as Buff.

In Britain, the term Buff e.g.. for all possible non-agouti rats with the Verdünnungsallel for red eye (Red Eye Dilute, R.E.D.) used. In the US, the term is not used Buff. Instead, it refers to non-agouti animals with the Verdünnungsallel for red eye (Red Eye Dilute, R.E.D.) as Beige. In Germany, the darker animals with the genotype aa rr are usually as Beige, the lighter with the genotype aa mm (or. love) rr as referred Buff. Latter, So animals with the genotype aa mm (or. love) rr, are referred to in the US as dark eyed champagne. It should be noted, that, in contrast, in Germany the term Champagne only for animals with the Verdünnungsallel for pink eye (Pink Eye Dilute, P.E.D.) is used. The confusion is so completely.

Illustration: Beige Varihooded (mismarked) rat (aa rr)

  • genotype
  • designation USA
  • designation U.K..
  • common in Germany Designation
  • aa M- B- rr
  • Beige
  • Buff
  • Beige or buff
  • aa bb rr
  • Beige
  • Buff
  • (chocolate-based) Buff
  • aa mm (or amam) rr
  • dark eyed Champagne
  • No official name
  • (minkbasiertes) Buff

Abbildung Buff Variegated Harley

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