inquiry - 1. step

Since we are using a standardized system for online shops, to organize our inquiries and reservations, we will be using terms below such as "shopping cart", "cash register" or similar. We do not want to make the impression, that our animals are things or prodcuts. We would also like to stress, that this is no online shopping, but the arrangement of a binding reservation of rats given up for adoption.. Nevertheless, simply due to the fact, that we conduct this reservation online, we forced to use certain terms in our contract- .

At this point you can Animals, for which you are interested, Requests. It may be animals, who are to submit to us at the time, or even to babies from future litters. This inquiry is not binding, and thus you shall make no commitments. You can enter the data and by clicking on "preview" are you again all the information, you have entered, appropriate. The data then I get sent. you will be Not published on the website!

Please read before the request the conditions of our protection- and delivery contract and the contribution Considerations before buying rat. If you want to buy the animals for children, Please make sure you read the article Children and pets.

Due to high demand we would like to ask you, inquiries, to be able to watch the animals once suggested on site, in sight (More to).

When all issues have been resolved and you have received a commitment from me, get me a code for each requested animal, with this animal under Binding reservation - 2. step can book.

If you have already made a request and received an access code from us, you can see the animals on the side Binding reservation - 2. step Reservations.

Rat experience / Experience with rats

Husbandry / Husbandry

Breeding / Breeding

living conditions / Living situation

If a living person in their household with a pet allergies suffer, please discuss before the purchase of pet rats, whether against this allergy exists. If you need this hair samples, We can provide these available.

If a person living in your household does suffer from a pet hair please check if they are allergic against rats, too. If you need hairsamples for testing, we can provide them.

Please note, always an adult / legal guardian for this has to take care, that the rats are treated humanely and cared for by the children.

Please keep in mind that an adult or primal care taker has to make sure the rats are treated and cared for properly by the children.

Self-Check / Self-Check

desired rats / The rats you want

Conditions of protection- and delivery contract

Please read the Conditions of protection- and delivery contract carefully.

Since I do not have an English version of my contract yet, this does not apply to English speaking applicants.